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The Ideal Town in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

In Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Twain develops the ideal town of St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Thomas Sawyer and his friends find fun an amusement. Twain also forms the character Huckleberry Finn, and it is through Huck, that Twain creates a character who symbolizes the freedom away from American civilization. Tom is a mischief maker who finds amusement, mischief, and terror everywhere. Enter Huckleberry Finn, one of Tom’s close friends. Huck was â€Å"cordially hated and dreaded by all mothers in town† (Twain 42), and when saying that he is the son of the town drunkard, he is essentially an orphan. Years of fending for himself has given Huck solid common sense that goes against Tom’s dreamy idealism and fantastical approach to reality. Throughout the novel, Huckleberry Finn begins to venture out of his shell and develops as a character through his interactions with Tom, Mr. Jones, and the community of St. Petersburg. Huck is introduced by Twain as â€Å"idle and lawless and vulgar—and bad,† (Twain 42), which mothers around the town hate and have banned children from talking to him. As the story develops, Huck is not the idle and lawless child St. Petersburg has made him out to be, but he turns to be a daring and mature boy who accompanies Tom in his mischief and â€Å"I didn’t thinks.† Twain then further tells about Huck’s lifestyle by stating that, â€Å"Huckleberry came and went, at his free will. He slept on doorsteps in fine weather and in empty hogsheads in wet; he didShow MoreRelatedTom Sawyer : Little Rascal And Proper Southern Gentleman1696 Words   |  7 PagesTom Sawyer: Little Rascal and Proper Southern Gentleman In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer appears in St Petersburg and at the Phelps’ farm as Huck Finn’s companion. Though Tom serves as Huck’s partner-in-crime of sorts, the two boys contrast in crucial perceptual and behavioral aspects: where Tom possesses a love for romanticism and a strict policy of adherence to societal conventions and codes, Huck possesses a skeptical sort of personality in which he tends to perceive society’sRead More Mark Twains Writings and Race Essay1954 Words   |  8 PagesMark Twains Writings and Race Samuel Langhorne Clemens, whom readers know as Mark Twain, has written many novels including The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in 1876; The Prince and the Pauper in 1882; Puddin’ Head Wilson in 1883; and Twain’s masterpiece The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn which was completed in 1883 (Simpson 103). Throughout Mark Twain’s writings, Twain had written about the lifestyle in the South the way it was in truth and detail. Mark Twain was not predjudice in his writings,Read MoreMark Twain s The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn And The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer1654 Words   |  7 Pagesliterature, Mark Twain claims the title. He is a paragon of the ideals that are ascribed to what a(n) (American) writer should be; his humor, his fluid and flexible writing, his ability to portray emotion and passion via ink on dead slices of trees is a mirror image of the- alleged- freedom that America purports. Even in death, his penname is renown- his autobiography a jumbled, yet appealing m ess that was released 100 years after his expiration. Out of the numerous writers in America, Mark Twain isRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1502 Words   |  7 PagesThe novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, is set roughly in the time period of 1835-1845. The setting is in the town of St. Petersburg, Missouri, which lies on the banks of the Mississippi River. The main characters of this novel are Huck Finn, Jim, and Tom Sawyer. Huck Finn is a very poor thirteen-year-old boy; his father is a drunk who often beats him. He is skeptical of the world he is living in, and he often questions what society has taught him. Overall, he represents whatRead More The Theme of Freedom in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay2211 Words   |  9 Pagesto the contrasting views of people. Within Mark Twain’s 1885 novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, numerous controversies are prevalent throughout the novel, primarily over the issue of racism and the general topic of enslavement. The characters in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn along with their development take an unmistakable, resilient stand against racism and by doing such in direct relation against the naturalized views of society. Twain’s characters, Jim and Huck are at the focal pointRead More Jim Essay2872 Words   |  12 PagesCicero Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is considered to be possibly the Great American Novel by many scholars and is certainly the best known of Mark Twain’s works. These scholars both powerfully praise and powerfully depreciate Twain’s artistic judgment in relation to Huck’s character, themes, and political statements, but Jim’s place is often ignored or overlooked. Jim’s character is very important in his roles in supporting Huck as a father figure, his example for Twain’s portrayalRead More The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essays948 Words   |  4 PagesThe novel that I have most enjoyed ever reading was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel about a young boy’s coming of age in Missouri during the middle 1800’s. The main character, Huckleberry Finn, spends a lot of time in the novel floating down the Mississippi River on a raft with a runaway slave named Jim. Before he does so, however, Huck spends some time in the town of St. Petersburg where a number of people attempt to influenceRead MoreAdventures Of Huckleberry Finn A Bildungsroman Novel Analysis2085 Words   |  9 Pagesof realist fiction which depicts the first-hand, episodic and nomadic adventures of a misfit hero from a low social class. This genre also uses satire to critique societal morals. Yet, within these novels, the picaro is a pragmatist hero who matures little or none by the end of the story, despite often being forced to choose between integrity and survival (Merriam-Webster). Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by American author Mark Twain, is a picaresque novel because it follows the exploits of a pragmaticRead More Huckleberry Finn book report Essay1226 Words   |  5 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Huck’s Internal Battle nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was written by Samuel L. Clemens, who is also known by his pen name Mark Twain. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was Twain’s first book relating to adventure stories for boys. The Adventures of HuckleberryRead More Mark Twains Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Escape From an Oppressive Society6239 Words   |  25 Pagesmatter, America had become a kind of mirage, an idealistic version of society, a place of open opportunities. Where else on earth could a man like J. D. Rockefeller rise from the streets to become one of the richest men of his time? America stood for ideals like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. People in America had an almost unconditional freedom: freedom to worship, write, speak, and live in any manner that so pleased them. But was this freedom for everyone? Was America, the utopia for

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Patrick Henry - 1928 Words

Mark D. Todderton ENGL 106 Definition Paper Patrick Henry: The Urgency for True Liberty Liberty is acquired through will and perseverance, however, it can also be taken away, and forces people to fight to keep it as well. That was what Patrick Henry states in his speech, â€Å"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death†, to the Virginia Convention. He argues that the leaders of America are not taking control and responsibility for what is really going on, and demands that something must be done to finally conquer the beloved goal of independence from Britain. This speech raises many ideas of what liberty really is, and how some people view the term liberty different from one another. Arguments can be made on the question of what is†¦show more content†¦You may have objections to Henrys or my arguments. You might ask, why not just wait for reconciliation, how does Henry know it will not happen? His response is, â€Å"I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past, I wish to know what there has been in the conduct of the British ministry for the l ast ten years to justify those hopes with which gentlemen have been pleased to solace themselves and the House.† The facts have been spilled out for what he says, ten years. For ten years prior to his speech what exactly has gone on to make the government so content and pleased. Nothing has been, the government has not told of anything new in regards to discussions with Britain. Basically, for ten years no progress has been made, so what makes anyone in their right mind think that something will happen soon. It would be as if you are asking your superior for an increase in pay after working for a long time. Each time you ask politely, and he or she brushes you off, showing lack of respect and appreciation, you just deal with it. You bosss intentions have yet to change, when exactly, do you think they will? It is as if you are a measly pawn in their game of chess, yet they can advance, but you are in a stalemate at all times. Perhaps you may be one to take this cruel a nd undeserving treatment, but I would not. This proves that you must fight forShow MoreRelatedEssay about Biography of Patrick Henry1527 Words   |  7 PagesBiography of Patrick Henry Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? These noble, forthright words were spoken by a fiery young patriot and great orator who had dedicated his life to the goal of winning rights for the people of America. Patrick Henry was born on May 29 of the year 1736 in Studley, Hanover County, Virginia. He grew up in a Presbyterian believing home, Patricks father, John Henry, was a Scott, who taughtRead MoreEssay On Patrick Henry And His Influence1133 Words   |  5 PagesJerico Overson Mr. Villate Mr. Howard Building America Term 1 October 26, 2017 Patrick Henry and His Influence Patrick Henry was an American lawyer born in the colony of Virginia while it was under Britain’s rule. He is mostly known for his rebellion and his call to action against British rule. Henry’s call to action was through a speech known as â€Å"Give me liberty, or give me death!† This speech was an inspiring to many people throughout Early America and it was vital in convincing the conventionRead MorePatrick Henry1953 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿ Patrick Henry History September 20, 2013 Prompts: 1) Henry’s speech was a call to action. What did he want his fellow Virginians to do? How did he justify his desire? In what ways did Henry address the concerns of those who did not agree with him? 2) Slavery was a common theme in Henry’s speech. What specific imagery did Henry use to illustrate his message? Why would those images have resonated so strongly with his audience? 3) Throughout his speech, Henry referenced aRead MorePatrick Henry2110 Words   |  9 PagesPatrick Henry Speaks Against Ratification of the Constitution (1788) Patrick Henry, the noted Virginia delegate to the Constitutional Convention, opposed a federal form of government in the United States. Here, at a debate during the convention, Henry discusses his objections to the new form of government. [pic] Mr. Chairman, the public mind, as well as my own, is extremely uneasy at the proposed change of government. Give me leave to form one of the number of those who wish to be thoroughly acquaintedRead MorePatrick Henry Speech1101 Words   |  5 PagesPatrick Henry, a devoted patriot and wise man fulfilled a position in the Virginia convention. After the Intolerable Acts imposed by King George on the colonies, Americans suffered an unfair rule, where Great Britain took control. In 1775 Patrick Henry introduced a resolution to the Virginia Convention to form the local militia to be prepared to fight the British. In order to gain approvals from his collies, Henry employs rhetorical appeals witch help him urge his purpose and take the lead with theRead More Patrick Henry Essay525 Words   |  3 Pages Patrick Henry Patrick Henry was a great patriot. He never used his fists or guns to fight for his country, but he used a much more powerful weapon at which he held great skill: his words. Possibly the greatest orator of his time, his speeches such as quot;Give Me Liberty or Give Me Deathquot; struck a cord in the American spirit of those who opposed oppression and tyranny. Henry was born on May 29th, 1736 in Studley, Virginia. His schooling was basic; elementary school, then trained in theRead MorePatrick Henry Speech892 Words   |  4 PagesThe reason Patrick Henry orated the speech, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, is to convince the House of Burgesses that there is no other alternative but war. Henry starts off by acknowledging the patriotism and abilities of the men who spoke before, and against him. Henry goes on to persuade his audience by use of rhetorical questions and comparisons to religious beliefs. Henry’s speech was very motivations, and inspirational, as well as urgent and persuasive. Patrick Henry did a good job, andRead MorePatrick Henry Speech803 Words   |  4 Pagesspeech at the Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry argues how war is crucial for Americans to regain their liberties by explaining that the British invasion is inescapable, and by illustrating how the citizens are ready and prepared to fight. In order to persuade his listeners that an invasion by the British is inevitable, Patrick Henry uses different rhetorical devices such as pathos and repetition to show the importance of fighting. Throughout the speech, Henry uses different words and phrases toRead MoreRhetorical Questions For Patrick Henry728 Words   |  3 PagesPatrick henry was known for his advanced use of rhetorical questions and use of literary devices. His vocabulary and strategies in speech changed the country for the greater good. In the virginia convention patrick henry tries to explain that colonies should claim independence and leave england. He shows his ideas by using imagery and rhetorical questions which was very effective and persuaded many people. His idea of war being necessary sounded reasonable since to others too especially since riotsRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Patrick Henry788 Words   |  4 Pagesthe speech to the virginia convention by patrick henry had to persuade the convention to fig ht against england and their king. Patrick henry used Rhetorical devices to persuade the loyalist. Henry uses metaphors. He uses frightful imagery in order to draw the reader in. Lastly he uses rhetorical questions to help develop the tone of necessity. In PH speech he states, â€Å"I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.†Henry is metaphorically comparing how the British

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A Detective Story for Creative Writing Free Essay Example, 1250 words

If this woman wants to play detective I will play detective myself. I’m going to clear my dog’s reputation. Agatha Christie once said that the best ideas for her novels used to come while washing dishes (Christie, 2012). I had come with the idea to set up my own investigation. For the next morning there had been already four missing door carpets, so the number of tenants of the house who had decided to â€Å"keep an eye† on Theophile were increasing. In my turn, I had decided to keep an eye suspiciously on dogs’ owners in our house. I had excluded the possibility of thief coming from the street, because the entrance door of our house has an entry-phone. I had also excluded the possibility for a human to be a thief. Clearly, it was someone’s dog bad habit that somehow revealed itself concurrently as I moved in. But how could that happened? Dog doesn’t change its habits so easily. That was one thing I was sure Theophile not doing that. If there was such a bend in dog’s character owner would have noticed. We will write a custom essay sample on A Detective Story for Creative Writing or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Another reason for Theophile not stealing carpets, of course, was me keeping the door to my apartment closed for the night. Though I consider Theophile to be a very clever dog, I can’t imagine him using keys to get out of the apartment and then get in again bearing a door carpet with him – quite a heavy thing for someone about his size. At last, I had concluded that the thief must be: a) A dog from our house, big enough to deal with the door carpet b) A dog from our house, whose owner leaves the door open at night c) A dog from our house, whose owner knows that his dog is guilty As all thefts were revealed in the morning, I presumed the crime-time would be or later night, or a very early in the morning. When evening had come and all dogs’ owners were coming for a walk with their pets, I settled an observation point near the kitchen window from where a good view on the entrance door was opening. As dogs’ owners were exiting I was carefully comparing their dogs to my paragraph one. Here appeared to be three dogs in the house big enough to make the door carpet theft: collie Loo owned by the nervous woman, the Great Dane owned by the boy and his father and the dark Belgian Shepherd owned by the granny. And these were people whose flats’ numbers I needed to know. As they had started to come back from the evening walk I stuck to the spy-hole in my door listening carefully. Luckily, I was living on the first floor, so both three supposed criminals would be passing by.

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The Bible s Version Of How The World - 1756 Words

For hundreds of years, the majority of the world believed in the Bible’s version of how the world was created. The most common known story is from Genesis 1. In this verse from the Bible, God created the world in six days and then proceed to rest on the seventh which is why we are supposed to rest on Sundays. Each day God creates a different part of the universe. For example, the first day He creates light, the fourth and fifth day He creates all the land animals of the world, and finally on the sixth day He creates humankind, both male and female. This basic story was what most Christians accepted and believed in for thousands of years. Then in 1859, Charles Darwin released his book, On the Origin of Species, which stated that animals†¦show more content†¦It is much easier for people to say that the Bible is wrong and many have because there is not that much proof to back it up. If the Bible is taken literally word for word, a person would be able to say that it is w rong very easily, but by looking at the Bible more abstractly and interpreting it in different ways, it can fit with scientific theories much more closely. By taking a look at each day individually, what happens on and the order of these days, it become clear that creationism is quite similar to how evolution states the universe and world was created. A lot of the following ideas about each day came from an article written by David Wolper in an article called â€Å"Genesis and Science: More Aligned Than You Think?† for the Huffington Post in 2010 with a few of my own throughout. The Big Bang Theory is the scientific theory that attempts to explain how the universe was created. It states that the universe started out in a very small, very dense, and very hot area and then with the help of a huge explosion expanded into the universe we know today. What scientists have failed to prove is where the very small spot or where the first materials of the universe came from. God can be used to answer those questions. Like it states in Genesis 1, on the first day, God created heaven, earth, and light which is the Bible’s version of the Big Bang Theory. There is absolutely no way to

Art Notes Living With Art Free Essays

string(49) " to certain parts of composition than to others\." Art Megaliths are large stones that are surrounded by a circular ditch. The monument is presumably the marking of graveyard and once was accompanied by other monuments. The Neolithic era is known for the uses of new tools and constructive materials such as hardening clays using a flame. We will write a custom essay sample on Art Notes: Living With Art or any similar topic only for you Order Now Pottery was used to create bowls, food Jars, cups, and a variance of other objects. Each culture characterizes art in its own way. Artists perform tasks such as create places for some human purpose, create extraordinary versions of ordinary objects, record and commemorate, give tangible form to the unknown. Eves tangible form to feelings and Ideas. And refreshes our vision and help us see the world in new ways. Vincent Van Gogh was a â€Å"painfully disturbed, tormented man who, in spite of his anguish, managed to create extraordinary art. † He was born In Grotto Sunders, Holland. By the time he became intense into art he only had ten years left to live. Creativity is the ability to create something that is â€Å"innovative and useful†. Researchers say that creativity can definitely be Improved. Selective perception Is the focusing on the visual Information needed for the task at hand and being able to zone out that of the background. The nature of perception suggests that one of the most important aspects is to notice details and visual relationships, recognize associations and emotions they inspire. Chapter 2 What is Art? Art museums are a source of civic pride. Many artists left behind extravagant examples of just how much they too valued art. Vincent Van Gogh painted Wheat Held and Cypress Trees which demonstrated his genius. Art and beauty art greatly linked. In the 1 8th century when art became a widely approved category, art and beauty were used together to describe a feeling of pleasure. Philosophers hardhearted this pleasure as an â€Å"intellectual pleasure/we perceive through a special kind of attention called disinterested contemplation. † Beauty is linked to qualities such as symmetry, simple geometrical shapes, and pure colors. Compelling visual power and urgent messages are used to recognize art. Art can Invoke great pleasure as well as Inspiring sadness, horror, pity, awe, and other emotions. Representational includes a broad range of approaches as naturalistic and abstract. A personage is a fictional character. Stylized defines representational art that imitates to a preset style. Nonobjective is a descriptive of art that does not represent or otherwise refer to the visible world itself. What is art? Art is always about something, embodies meaning. Form is the way a work looks. Content is what a work of art is about. Subject matter Is the content the objects or events the work depicts. Iconography Involves Identifying, describing, and Interpreting subject matter In art. Chapters 3 and 4 Notes Chapter 3 Themes of Art word count: 202 All works of art are about something no matter what form whether it is a painting, textile, building, or ceramics. The areas of â€Å"beauteous† are considered themes. A many themes. Art throughout history has played a role in people’s relationships with the sacred. Art described politics, social orders, and stories and histories. There are many works depicting deeds of heroes, lives of saints, and folktales. Most of which were passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes it is enough Just to look around ourselves and notice what our life is like here, now, in this place, at this time. † The earliest images of daily life that survived were in tombs of Egypt. Many rituals have been developed to honor ancestors and appease their spirits. However, here is really no ritual that would ever compare to the deep seated feelings with a human. During the renaissance, theorists linked art with poetry. The y created images through their descriptive words. They weren’t literally painting a picture. Some actual paintings were created to go along with poems. Nature and the human relationship to it have greatly been themes of art works. Chapter 4 The Visual Elements Word Count: 210 The first element of art is line. Line is plainly defined as a path traced by a moving point. An outline defines a two dimensional shape. Contour lines are the lines used o draw or record boundaries of three dimensional forms. Lines are also used to direct movement within a piece. When you look at a piece your eyes tend to follow the lines. Shape is a two dimensional form. Mass is a three dimensional form that occupies a volume of space. A figure is a shape we detach and focus on. The ground is the surrounding visual information the figure stands out from. Figures are considered as positive shapes, and the ground is considered negative shapes. Values are shades of light and dark. Chiaroscuro is an Italian style from the Renaissance period. Hatching involves closely spaced parallel lines. Cross hatching is used to show darker values with an extra set of parallel lines going in the opposite direction. Stippling is also used to suggest values by condensing areas using dots. Simultaneous contrast is used to make complementary colors appear more intense when placed side by side. Texture describes surface quality, smooth or rough. A vanishing point is where forms seem to diminish in size as they recede from us. Chapters 5 and 6 Notes Chapter 5 Principles of Design Word Count: 206 In two dimensional art the organization odd line, shape, mass, light, value, color, texture, space, and motion is called composition. Unity is the sense of oneness, of things belonging together and making up a coherent whole. Variety is the difference which provides interest. Visual weight refers to the heaviness of lightness of the forms arranged in a composition, as gauged by how insistently they draw our eyes. In symmetrical balance, the forms of a composition mirror each other across a central axis. Asymmetrical composition has two sides that do not match. Emphasis means that our attention is drawn more to certain parts of composition than to others. You read "Art Notes: Living With Art" in category "Papers" If the means that certain area of composition are purposefully made less visually interesting so that the areas of emphasis stand out. Scale is the size in relation to a standard or normal size. Proportion refers to the size relationships between parts of a whole or between two or more perceived as a unit. The use of a scale to indicate relative importance is the hierarchical scale. Rhythm is based in repetition and it is a basic part of the world we find ourselves in. Chapter 6 Drawing Word Count: 233 The drawings we have been looking at are all on paper, a material we associate closely with drawing. Many other surfaces have been used to draw on. The oldest are eve drawings, caves carved with a hard stone, and using charcoal. Pigment is a coloring material, and binder is a substance that allows it to be shaped into sticks. Graphite is a soft crystalline form of carbon. It is a naturally occurring drawing medium. Metal-point is the ancestor of the graphite pencil. It is an old technique that was especially popular during the Renaissance. A ground is a base coating of paint. Charcoal is charred wood. Pastel consists of pigment bond with non-greasy binder. Drawing inks generally consisted of ultramarine particles of pigment suspended in water. Wash is ink diluted with water and applied with a brush. A rapid-graph is a metal-tipped instrument that channels a reservoir of in into a fine line. The soft and supple brushes used for watercolors can also be used with ink. The concept of using a brush for drawing shows how difficult it can be to define where drawing leaves off and painting begins. Rectangular shapes sliced from newspaper and from a roll of imitation wood grain wallpaper have been incorporated into a charcoal drawing of a cafe © table set with wine glass and a bottle. This was the new age of more literal art through representation. Chapter 7 and 8 Notes Chapter 7 Painting word count: 215 Pigment is powdered color, compounded with a medium or vehicle, a liquid that holds the particles of pigment together without dissolving them. The vehicle generally acts as or includes a binder, an ingredient that ensures that the paint even when diluted and spread thinly. Without a binder pigments would simply powder off as the paint dried. Paints are applied to a support, which is the surface in which the artist works. This may be canvas, paper, wood panel, or a wall. Tempera shares qualities with both watercolors and oil paint. Geese is a mixture of white pigment and glue that sealed the wood and could be sanded and rubbed to a smooth, berrylike finish. Oil paints consists of pigment compounded with oil, usually linseed oil. The oil acts as a binder, creating as it dries a transparent film in which the pigment is suspended. Glazes are thin veils of translucent color applied over a layer of opaque paint. All prima is the name of the technique of opaque colors on the white ground. Water color consists of pigment in a vehicle of water and gum Arabic, a sticky paint substance that acts as the binder. Gouache is watercolors with inert white pigment Chapter 8 Prints Word Count: 244 A matrix is a surface in which a design is prepared before being transferred through pressure to a receiving surface such as paper. The term relief describes any printing method in which the image to be printed is raised from the background. Wood engraving uses a block of wood as a matrix. In this case the surface is cut along the grain. A linoleum cut, or linocuts, is very similar to a woodcut. Linoleum is much softer than wood, making it easier to cut, while limiting the number of crisp impressions. Engraving is the oldest of the intaglio techniques, engraving developed room the medieval practice of incising linear designs in armor and other metal surfaces. Dropping is similar to engraving, except that the cutting instrument used is a dropping needle. Mezzanine is a reverse process, in which the artist works from dark to light. Etching is done with acids, which â€Å"eat† the lines and depressions into a metal plate much as sharp tools cut into those depressions in other methods. Aquatint is a way of achieving flat areas of tone-gray values or intermediate values of color. Photographer can print continuous tones, tones that shade evenly from light to dark. To achieve this, a fulfills positive transparency of the photographic image is placed over a sheet of light-sensitive gelatin tissue and exposed to ultraviolet light. Lithography is a bibliographic process. The printing surface is flat not raised as in relief or depressed as in intaglio. Chapter 9 and 10 Notes Chapter 9 Camera and Computer Arts Word Count: 221 Camera and computer technologies are essential to business, advertising, education, government, mass media, and entertainment. ABA All Has Bin al- Haitian, or otherwise known in the west as Alkaline, conducted an experiment in which he concluded correctly that light travels in straight lines. He also theorized that the human eye worked on this same principle: light reflected from objects passes through the narrow opening of the iris, projecting an image of the outside world onto the surface of the dark interior. Dagger’s light sensitive surface was a copper plate coated with silver iodide, and he named his invention the daguerreotype. Photographs bearing witness to events appear in newspapers and magazines all over the world. Dada was formed in 1916 as a reaction to the unprecedented slaughter of World War l. The word dada itself has no meaning, it refers to the art movement that Hoc belonged to. An auteur is a director whose films are marked by a consistent, individual style, Just as a traditional artist’s painting or sculptures are. Just as radio had been invented to allow sound captured by a microphone to be transmitted over the air, so video was invented to do the same for moving images captured by a camera. Art that uses the Internet as a medium is known as Internet art, or more casually, net art. Chapter 10 Graphic Design Word Count: 201 On the most basic level, we communicate through symbols. Visual communication is also symbolic. Letters are symbols that represent sounds; the lines that we use to draw representational images are symbols for perception. A word mark or logotype is granted the status of art, letters for public architectural inscriptions have been carefully designed since the time of ancient Romans, whose alphabet we have inherited. A typeface is a style of type. Among the services offered by early printers in the 1 5th century was the design and printing of single sheets called broadsides. Handed out to town dwellers and posted in public spaces, broadsides argued lattice or religious causes, told of recent events, advertised upcoming festivals and fairs, or circulated woodcut portraits of civic and religious leaders. With the development of film and television, graphic design was set in motion. Words and images worked together in film titles, television program titles, and advertisements, all of which needed to be designed. Many art museums maintain collections of graphic designs, which overlaps with art in interesting ways. Many artists have worked a graphic designers, and many graphic designers also make art. Chapter 11 and 12 Notes Chapter 11 Sculpture and Installation Word Count: 211 Amman is a sculpture in the round, a freestanding work that can be viewed from any angle, for it is finished on all sides. A low relief, also otherwise known as a bas-relief, is a technique in which the figures project only slightly from the background. A sculpture that forms project more boldly from their background are called high relief. Modeling and assembling are considered additive processes. Carving is a subtractive process I which one starts with a mass of material larger than the planned sculpture and subtracts material until only the desired forms remain. Casting involves a mold of some kind, into which liquid or similitude material is poured and allowed to harden. Modeling is familiar to us in forms such as play dough. Fired clay is also known as terra cotta. Casting is a more indirect method of creating a sculpture. In casting, smother more rounded shapes can be achieved, and also be very shiny. Ceramic is cast in a liquid form called slip, made by mixing powdered clay with water and a defalcation. Assembling is a process by which individual pieces or segments or objects are brought together to form a sculpture. The human figure is one of the widely basis for sculptures of many times and cultures. Chapter 12 Art of Ritual and Daily Life Word Count: 206 Ceramics, from the ancient Greek word kormas, meaning â€Å"of pottery’, is the art of making objects from clay, a naturally occurring earth substance. When dry clay has a powdery consistency; mixed with water, it becomes plastic, that is, moldable and cohesive. The vase is made of porcelain, a ceramic made by mixing kaolin, a fine white clay, with finely ground Petersen, also known as porcelain stone. If clay is one of the most versatile of materials, glass is perhaps the most fascinating. The most familiar way of shaping a hollow glass vessel such as a bottle is by blowing. The glass artist dips up a mass of molten glass at the end of a long metal tube and, by blowing into the other end of the tube, produces a glass bubble that can be shaped or cut technique used for windows, lampshades, and similar structures that permit light to pass through. Stained glass is made by cutting sheets of glass in various colors into small pieces, then fitting the pieces together to form a pattern. Forging is an ancient metal working technique using a hammer to shape the metal. Notes Chapters 13 and 21 Chapter 13 Architecture rod count: 200 Tensile strength refers to the amount of tensile or stretching stress a material can withstand before it bends or breaks. It especially concerns the ability of a material t span horizontal distances without continuous support from below. Another term for load bearing construction is â€Å"stacking and piling†. This is the simplest method of making a building, and it is suitable for brick, stone, adobe, ice blocks, and certain modern material. Load bearing structures tend to have few and small openings, if any, in the walls, because the method does not readily allow for support of material above a void, such as a window opening. Post and lintel construction is the most elementary structural method, based on two uprights, the posts, supporting a horizontal crosspiece, the lintel or beam. Hypotheses halls comes from the Greek word for â€Å"beneath columns. † A dome is an architectural structure generally I the shape of a hemisphere or half globe. I f a ceiling is coffer, it is ornamented with recessed rectangles, coffers, which lessen its weight. Concrete is an old material that was known and used by the Romans. Like all area of human creativity, architecture has been affected by the evolution of digital technologies. Chapter 21 The Modern World word count: 206 Romanticism was not a style so much as a set of attitudes an characteristic subjects. The 18th century is sometimes known as the Age of Reason, for its leading thinkers placed their faith in rationally, septic questioning, and scientific inquiry. The first art movement to be born in the 19th century was Realism, which arose as a reaction against both Neoclassicism and Romanticism. Realist artists sought to depict the everyday and the ordinary rather than the historic, the heroic, or the exotic. Artists admired many aspects of Impressionism, especially its brightened palette and erect painting technique. But they reacted in various ways to what they perceived as its shortcomings. Their styles are so highly personal that we commonly group them together under the neutral term Post-Impressionists, meaning simply the artists that came after Impressionism. Europe remained America’s artistic touchstone during the 19th century, for America viewed itself then as a continuation of European culture. American artists often went to Europe for part of their training, not only to study with European teachers, but also to see the collections of the great museums. Broadly peaking, expressionism describes ant style where the artist’s subjective feelings take precedence over objective observation. Cubism poured all its energy into formal Notes Chapter 22 and 23 Chapter 22 From Modern to Postmodern Word Count: 210 Painters associated with the first major postwar art movement are commonly referred to as the New York School. The New York School was a convenient label under which to lump together a group of painters also known as the Abstract Expressionists. A critic of the time coined the term action painting to describe the work of Pollock and others, for their paintings are not images in the traditional sense UT traces of an act, the painter’s dance of creation. The variety of Abstract Expressionism is sometimes known as color field painting. By the middle of the asses, Abstract Expressionism had been the â€Å"new’ style or fifteen years. Many artists felt that it was time to move on. While the artist of Pop turned their attention to imagery, other artists continued to explore the possibilities of nonrepresentational art. One direction that attracted many painters was hard-edge painting. Pop art’s focus on imagery in the mass media inspired artists to look more closely at photographs. In a rend called Photorealism, they began to paint what they saw there. In a variety of interrelated trends, artists variously reacted against aspects of developed possibilities that it suggested. Collectively, these trends are known as Factionalism, which unfolded from the mid asses through the mid asses. Chapter 23 Opening Up to the World Word Count: 233 Beginning in the 19th century, transportation and communications technologies made possible by science and industry opened up new possibilities for human interaction, compressing our experience of distance and quickening the pace of daily fife. Born in Egypt, she moved to France with her family at the age of eleven. Since 1996 she has been based in New York. Aimer has created installations an performance pieces, but she is best known for paintings such as The Black Bang. We stumble on a secret world within the world we thought we knew. When we step back, the painting comes back into focus, but we can never quite see it in the same way again. Aimer cautions against interpreting her work too narrowly, either as a feminist statement or as a critique of Islam. Recently Murrain generally has broadened his object matter to embrace traditional Buddhist imagery, folding screen motifs, and abstraction. Murrain generally does not execute his own works. They are usually realized to his exacting designs, every outline drawn, every color specified, by employees of Kaki Kaki, Ltd. , a company he founded. In contrast to Murrain’s international enterprise, Mexican artist Gabriel Rocco does not have a studio at all. A global wanderer with apartments in Mexico City, Paris, and New York, he prefers instead to work in temporary spaces or in the confines of an apartment amid the furnishings and accumulations of everyday life. How to cite Art Notes: Living With Art, Papers

Magic Kingdom and Disney World free essay sample

Mine was Disney World for many reasons. The first reason is that there were really cool rides at Disney World. There was a ride called Splash Mountain and you went through caves on a boat and at the end of the ride you drop off a water fall and splash into the water. You could see all the lights and rides at the opening of the cave. I think it was better at night time. Second, I thought the Disney World parade was awesome. The lights and the moving boats were huge! They light up the whole street. Third, I thought that the fireworks were really cool because they were huge and they were right over the Disney Castle. There were different shapes and they were bright and had many colors. Lastly, the Toy Story ride was really cool. It was cool because you had a laser gun and you were inside a swirling tunnel with lights and you had to shoot the bad guys and all of the targets that were moving. We will write a custom essay sample on Magic Kingdom and Disney World or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page At the end, you stop spinning and you wish you could go on it a million times. As you can see, this is why Disney World was my best day ever. The Happiest Day of My Life Essay On a holiday, I was sitting in my room after finishing my homework. As my friends were away to hill stations, I was feeling very lonely. I watched the cars and other vehicles passing by and wished that like my friends, I would also have been travelling or passing my time. While my mind was occupied with thoughts of holidays and having fun with my friends, the doorbell rang. I ran to answer it and found the postman with a parcel and a letter for me. I signed the paper and took the parcel. My hands were itching to open the packet as my curiosity knew no bounds. I ripped the parcel open and found a beautiful tape recorder in it. The parcel had been sent from the United States and the letter along with it was from my uncle who had sent me that wonderful gift. However, even more joy than receiving the tape recorder was the letter which my uncle had written. The letter was an invitation to go to the United States for my holidays. My uncle had arranged everything for me-the tickets and the visa, and I already had a passport. My heart skipped several beats as I ran to give this great news to my mother. She was taken aback initially and her first reaction was not so positive. However, she thought about it, consulted my father who was at his office and they both agreed to allow me to go to the United States to spend the rest of my holidays with my uncle. I jumped from room to room and started packing my clothes, my toys, my books and other articles that I would need on the flight and in America. My mind was filled with various ideas about how I would spend my time with my cousins. I started dreaming about Disney world, Universal studios, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and all the other tourist attractions that I had read about in magazines. My father took me shopping the same day because he felt that I would need some more things to take with me. We bought gifts for my cousins and my uncle and aunt and when I came back home my cupboard was full of new clothes, shoes, gifts, etc. Since I had not expected any such thing to happen to me, and I had been feeling sorry for myself, this offer came as a great surprise. This was indeed the happiest day of my life and I dont think I shall ever forget it as long as I live. †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ The Best Day Ever The best day ever was when I moved to Richford. I loved moving to Richford because I met a bunch of new friends. Some of the friends I met were really nice! Like Jaclyn was right there in my class but Erin and Lizzie were in Mrs. Allen’s class. The second reason I liked moving to Richford is because all the teachers were so kind! I’d have to say that all the teachers were my favorite! Even though I will be leaving next year I still like the three teachers I’ve had for homeroom! The last reason I liked moving to Richford is because Richford is better than Berkshire. Berkshire had two fifteen minute recesses and Richford has one thirty minute recesses. Personally I think the one thirty minute recess is better. All in all the best day ever was when I moved to Richford.

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Continental Bank Mergers free essay sample

Financial ups downs of 1980s-1990s, culminating in acquisition by BankAmerica. Income, strategy, operations, industry mergers and regulation. Includes charts. Introduction The 1980s saw vast changes in the banking community as banks and savings and loans, challenged by deregulation, expanded their markets and business services. Driven by the need to build their investment base in order to finance these new activities, some thrifts began investing in junk bonds (popularized by Michael Milken), which contributed to the meltdown in the industry in the late 1980s. Continental Illinois, which would later become Continental Bank, got caught up instead in a loss of more than $1 billion in a deal that fell through; in 1984, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) stepped in and provided the bailout the bank needed to survive. The late 1980s and early 1990s were a roller coaster ride for the bank, which was hailed as engineering a dramatic turnaround, then secondguessed when the turnaround did not perform. We will write a custom essay sample on Continental Bank Mergers or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page .